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How It All Began

From the time I, David Sellers, was a youth in the Boy Scouts, it was a dream to have my own youth camp.

I'm an old Boy Scout from way back. Scouting gave so much to me. Teaching is a gift that also gave me a lot of satisfaction. So it was a natural combination, teaching during the school year and the youth camp, established in 1960, during the summer.

As you know, all youth camps need a nurse. The easiest solution for that was to marry one! Who says a blind date can't be fun.

For many years we operated the youth camp, taught school and raised our family. We were blessed with 3 great kids, 2 boys and a girl. They've all paid their dues working hard on the farm and with the horses.

After taking a rest from teaching, camping and horses, our little daughter was very persistent about having horses again. You fathers know how persuasive those little girls can be.   So I suggested we go to a horse auction just to see what it's like.

Never take a persuasive as well as horse crazy little girl to a horse-buying event. If you do, men, you are definitely in trouble.

That was in 1983. Our 3 children married. Unfortunately, our oldest son passed in April of 2010 and we all miss him. He gave us 4 grandchildren. Our daughter and youngest son also gave us 4 awesome grandchildren. They all provide a tremendous amount of joy. And we're still here on the farm providing barrels of fun for everyone else's little girl.

What can I say, my wife and I are chumps for those charming little girls and their energetic brothers.