Frequently Asked Questions About Horseback Riding And Cabin Rentals

About Horseback Riding:

 1.  How young can a child be to ride on the trail?
 2.  Can we ride double?
 3.  What do you have for my 2 year old and 4 year old?
 4.  We have a large group of 10-15, do you give discounts?
 5.  What is your cancellation policy?
 6.  Can we ride by ourselves?
 7.  Do we have to make reservations?
 8.  What if it rains?
 9.  Do you take credit cards?
 10.   Are the rates the same for children?
 11.   Are tips recommended?  
12.    Do you have a weight limit?

About Vacation Cabins:

 1.  Do I need to bring linens?
 2.  When is Check-Out and Check-In?
 3.  Do you charge for children?
 4.  Are there any restaurants nearby?
 5.  Do we need fishing licenses to fish in your lake?
 6.  Are the stables nearby?
 7.  Do you have package deals with a combination of cabins and horseback rides?
 8.  Do you allow pets?
 9.  How do I reserve my cabin?
 10.  What is your cabin cancellation policy?    

Horseback Riding Answers:

 1.  Six year olds generally do well on the trail being on a "lead line" (like a long leash) behind the guide. Back to Top
 2.  Statistically, it's been proven to be more dangerous to ride double. The reason is, if something happens and you both fall, the adult falling on the child injures him/her far more than if the child fell by him/herself. Back to Top
 3.  For children under six years old, we offer ring rides. This is where the parent leads the child around in the ring. Back to Top
 4.  For groups of 10-14, we give a 10% discount on your horse ride. For 15 or more, you get a 15% discount on your trail ride.
        Please give five days to two weeks notice, depending on time of year (summers need the most time), to make your group reservation.
        For groups of 10 or more we ask for 5 days notice to cancel with full refund of deposit.
        For smaller groups, 24 hours notice is asked. Back to Top
 5.  To Cancel your Trail Ride,
             A. For groups of 9 or less, please call 24 hours before your trail ride time. 
 If you do not show the day of your ride or cancel the day before for groups of 9 or less, there is no refund
             B. For groups of 10 or more, please give at least 5 days notice.
 If you do not show the day of your ride or cancel with 5 days notice before your scheduled ride for groups of 10 or more,there is no refund. Back to Top
 6.  All trails are guided for your safety as well as enjoyment. Back to Top
 7.  Reservations are requested to make sure we have enough horses for your group.
       We also ask for the following information:
              A. How many in your group are adults ( =>18 years old),
              B. How many are children (,18 years old>& their ages
              C. Is anyone 180 LBs or more, and approximately how much, so we have the right size horse ready, max weight is 250 lbs for walking trails and 220 lbs for the Trot and Canter trail.
              D. Your name and
              E. Phone number we could reach you by
              F. A credit card number to hold your reservation
              G. Date and time of ride
For groups of 10 or more, please give at least 5 days notice. Back to Top   
 8.  We do go Rain or Shine. But we usually try wait 15 or 20 minutes for the shower to pass and then go on the trail ride. We also provide rain ponchos for those sudden showers. Also, just because its raining where you're at, doesn't mean it's raining here. So please call for conditions at Arrowmont.
We do not go out in lightening. Back to Top
 9.  We accept all major credit cards, Traveler's Checks and even cash. Back to Top
 10.  The price is the same for adults and children. Back to Top
 11.  Just like in a restaurant, your Guide works for tips.  Many ask what the normal tip is.  Generally, just like in a restaurant, if good service is provided... customary.  They've been trained in safety, first aid and many have their CPR certificates in addition to being trained to understand horses and riding techniques to provide you and your family with the safest and most enjoyable trail ride possible.
12. The weight limit for walking trails is 250lb. For the Walk-Trot-Canter, it is 220 lbs. The weight needs to be proper for your height. For example, a person who is 5 feet tall weighing 250lbs would not be able to go riding.
I'm sorry but they simply wouldn't be able to properly hold on with their short little legs. It is primarily your legs that keep you securely "fastened" to your horse. Your proper balance is also important.
To help you understand the weight restrictions...
A horse can comfortably carry 20% of his body weight. So to carry someone who weighs 250 lbs, you need a horse that weighs at least 1250 lbs. That is a huge horse and the top of his back is usually at or near 5 feet 6 inches or more. If you are a short person who needs a large horse to ride, that's a long way to fall if you can't gripe well with your legs. Plus, if you needed to get back on your horse in the forest, if would be almost impossible.

Your safety and enjoyment are our TOP priorities. Back to Top    

Vacation Cabin Answers:

 1.  Your cabin is completely furnished with linens for the beds and towels for the bath. Back to Top
 2.  Check-Out is 11 AM, unless your check-out is on SUNDAY, then you get a FREE LATE check-out of 3 PM.  
       Check-In is after 4 PM. If you are arriving after 6 PM, please call and we will make arrangements for you to get into your cabin. Back to Top
 3.  Children under 12 are Free. Back to Top
 4.  You're in the middle of 4 communities, Cashier, Highlands, Sylva and Franklin. Driving time varies from about 15 minutes to about 45 minutes. Our closest town is Glenville which is only about 15 minutes. They all have a great variety. Back to Top
 5. To fish in nearby Lake Thorpe (locally called Lake Glenville) you need a state fishing license. To fish in our little pond you do not need a license. It is stocked with Rainbow Trout. They are $8.00 per fish. Back to Top
 6. The Stables are at the entrance to our "working horse farm". The cabins are scattered around the 200 acre farm. But always within in an easy walk f the Stables if you don't want to drive. Back to Top
 7. If you are staying in a Vacation Cabin, you get a 15% discount on any horseback trail ride you choose. So you may create your own "Package Deal". Back to Top
 8. We are too small to set aside a Vacation Cabin just for pets. We're sorry.
If a pet is found in your cabin, the minimum charge starts at $300 and will be charged to your credit card. If there are damages, they are in addition to the minimum charge. We're awfully sorry but we've had to learn the hard way. Back to Top
 9. You may reserve your cabin by phone or online by providing:
        Your name
        Phone Number
        How Many in your Party
        Date of Arrival and Date of Departure Cabin name
        E-mail address to send confirmation, cabin information, horseback riding information and directions
        First night's rental deposit on your credit card. Cabin Rates are based on occupancy.
        Children under 12 are free. 
        A $250 security deposit is required in addition to the deposit. The security deposit is refunded when your cabin is left in good shape. Back to Top

Cabin Cancellation Policy:

        All deposits are refundable with a Two(2) Week or more notice, less a small administration charge of $50.00.
        Reservation changes need two weeks notification. 

There are no refunds for changes/cancellations with less than two weeks notice.  Back to Top