Summer Horse Camp

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

You need to choose the best time for your child's Summer Horse Day Camp quickly.

Here's just a few of the things your child will learn:
       • How to catch a horse in the field
       • What not to do if you really want to catch the horse
       • The most important part of their body to watch to know what their horse is thinking
       • What part of the horse is critical to make sure is clean be saddling
       • What part of the horse is critical to clean before going on the trail and why
       • How to hold the reins to be most effective in "talking" with their horse
       • Learn the parts of horse's body and learn the parts the saddle, bridle, etc.
       • They'll learn the best order to feed water, hay and grain…and when
       • How to sit on the horse when walking and trotting and cantering
       • Learn if you need to hold on while riding, why you don't hold on to the saddle and what you do hold on to

In business since 1960

Arrowmont has been in business since 1960 operating summer camps and/or giving trail rides to the public. Woman's Day magazine recognized 12 camps from across the United States who offered something more than a babysitting service. Camps where children actually learned something. Arrowmont was one of them.

Arrowmont is a member of EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning), CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association), the Highlands Chamber of Commerce, the Cashiers Area Chamber, the Jackson County Chamber and Smoky Mountain Host.

We strive for excellence in what your child is taught, the quality of horses used and their care, and of course, safety. Our reputation stands on it. Arrowmont has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1960.

You have several camp options to choose from...

We strive to provide you with an optimum camp time with the best deal and where the most is learned.

Choose from: 

"Equestrian Joy Fulfilled"       

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Five full days allows your child to get to know his horse, grooming, tacking and riding the trail as well as in the ring.  

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5DAY (All Caps) to receive 15% discount up to April 15.

"Get Your Hooves Wet"       
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The two Half Days allows your child to get familiar with horses.

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HALF (All Caps) to receive 15% discount up to April 15.

We have worked hard to keep our rates the same since 2011.

Why would I want to give such a great deal...

Arrowmont is wanting to do its part to help out the economy and still give your child a great experience with horses. They're wonderful creatures…as you've heard from your child time and again.

If you register and pay in full before April 15th you get a 15% discount on already discounted rates. Why? This helps us plan summer staffing. 

For more information, download the following in a PDF document:

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