Arrowmont's Lease A Horse Program

Horse leasing is a convenient and affordable way to learn about the basics of horse ownership. It allows you to ride and spend time with a horse on your own terms, offering many other advantages of horse ownership at a fraction of the cost and responsibility.

The ARROWMONT horse lease program will introduce you to the ins and outs of horse ownership. Highly qualified ARROWMONT instructors will help you learn, not only how to ride a horse, but also about veterinary care, hoof care, tack, horse nutrition, and most important what it really means to commit to owning a horse.

Depending on the lease option you select, the ARROWMONT Leasing Program allows you to ride from once a week to as often as you wish, depending on the program, while avoiding the expense of purchasing a horse as well as the ongoing expense of boarding, shoeing, vet care, tack, and training.

Horse leasing is appropriate for riders with intermediate abilities and skill levels. Lease horses are part of the Arrowmont Stables lesson/trail ride program and include a group of mares and geldings that are under the training and health care of Arrowmont Stables.  

To ensure that you are teamed up with a horse that is suitable for your needs and level, you will be given a comprehensive skills evaluation by a qualified ARROWMONT instructor. This keeps your risk level low and your enjoyment level high.


To make sure Rider and Horse are a good match, lessees are required to take a one-time orientation to evaluate skills and go over horsemanship methods, stables rules, and tack information. Cost of the orientation is $75.


Arrowmont Stables horse lease entitles you to regularly scheduled days and times of riding each week. Costs vary depending on lease.


     Leasing 1 day each week for 2 hours a day = $ 250.00 per month.


1. Arrowmont Stables has unrestricted PRIORITY use of all lease horses in the operation of lessons, camp, special events, and other activities.

2. If a lesson is scheduled for your horse, you are required to return the horse in a dry, settled, happy state at least 1/2 hour before the schedule lesson.

3. Lessees must abide by the rules of Arrowmont Stables.

4. Lessees must be physically capable of tacking up their horse on their own.

5. Lessees who are minors must have an adult on site when they ride.

6. A riding session for your lease horse must be consistent with a typical workout or riding lesson (i.e. one hour of riding that includes some arena work - walk, trot, canter and a walking trail ride with an occasional lope or canter.)

7. Lunging a lease horse is only allowed with the authorization and supervision of an ARROWMONT instructor.

8. All horses MUST be properly warmed up and cooled down in each riding session.

9. Friends and relatives are forbidden from riding your lease horse.

10. All lessees are required to wear a certified riding helmet when mounted on a school horse-- no exceptions.

11. Galloping and jumping is forbidden unless under the supervision of an ARROWMONT instructor.

12. Lessees are required to take one lesson each month by an ARROWMONT instructor to ensure the safety of the horse and rider. Lessons are provided at standard 1 hour lesson rates ($60/private; $55/semi-private; $50/group).

13. Children under 18 are not allowed on trail with out adult supervision.

14. Lessee is forbidden from riding outside the stables boundaries-including all paved streets and private property surrounding ARROWMONT-without approval from ARROWMONT manager.

15. Lessee is forbidden from relocating the lease horse without approval from ARROWMONT manager.

16. It is the responsibility of half-lessees to communicate and agree to equitable terms for sharing the available riding time of the leased horse.

17. A different lease horse may be provided if the primary lease horse is not available or in use at the desired time.

Leasing Terms

• Lease agreement is for a minimum of three months.

• Lease payments, made out to Arrowmont Stables, are due each month with the first payment due in advance. Late payments will jeopardize your lease privileges.

• A $100 deposit is required for all leases. The deposit is made out to Arrowmont Stables and will be refunded when your lease is up or you give 30 days notice of lease cancellation.

• The notice of cancellation must be given in writing to David or Nancy Sellers only.

• Tack and grooming equipment is provided for all lease horses. This includes: halter and lead rope, bridle, bit, saddle and pad, and groom kit (brushes, curry comb, mane/tail comb, and hoof pick) .All tack must be maintained. The loss or damage of any tack is the responsibility of the lessee and must be replaced or repaired by the lessee, Arrowmont manager determines if the tack is to be repaired or replaced.

• Board, feed, and standard veterinary and hoof care is the responsibility of Arrowmont Stables.

• The lessee is responsible for the cost of medical treatment when it is associated with a riding injury.  This is at the determination of Arrowmont.

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