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Fern Forest Flame Azalea Flame Fern Scenic Valley 2 Hour Ring Ride
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Events or Attractions:

Tickets for Events or Attractions are non-refundable but they are transferrable.


$45.00 PER PERSON cancellation fee.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy on Horseback Rides for groups of 9 or less.

5 Day Cancellation Policy for groups of 10 or more on Horseback Rides.
There is a $45.00 cancellation fee per horse if you do not call within the cancellation period for your group size and get a cancellation code for your group.

If you simply don't show on the day of your reservation, the charge is $45 per person.

Trails Go RAIN OR SHINE. Ponchos and rain gear are provided.  Please do not assume that just because it's raining/pouring where you are that it's also pouring at Arrowmont. The mountains don't work that way. You need to call.

For GROUPS of 10 or MORE

Cancellation less than 5 DAYS prior to departure date and time or no-show : 100% of the Cancellation Fee of $45.00. 

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Book online now!

OR CALL (800)682-1092 Monday-Saturday, 9-5.
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The online reservations need 2 days notice.   Rates may change without notice.

Guides do work for tips.

People often ask what the normal tip is, it's like in a restaurant - Commonly 20%